About us

I have always been passionate about  dogs. We started our


journey in 2008  when we welcomed our first Labrador


retriever.  Throughout her early years, we focused on


house training, how to be educate dog and also introduce


her to obedience levels. Now a days she is retired and she


is part of our family.

As this was achieved successfully, we got  our second


Labrador retriever, Roy. These experiences motivated me to


further my studies in Dog training and behavior with ADTB




This lead me to become,  a qualified dog trainer as along 


my journey we gain a lot of experience


Roy and Shiela won various levels of obedience. After a successful journey with Roy, whom sadly passed away in 2013. 

After my journey and doing this job in my free time. Then


in 2020 I decided to do a step forward, and to start doing


this a full time job so now i am a professional and qualified


dog trainer.